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ANSB Forestry Program was started in December 2009 when ANSB was awarded a CFRP grant. BLM, USFS, and NM State Forestry approached the ANSB Board of Directors to provide a resource that could do thinning and forestry related projects on state, federal, tribal, and private lands. Ninety-five percent of the Alamo community members heat their homes with wood, so it was natural to start a forestry program and employ Alamo community members.

All crew members have gone through the New Mexico Forest Industry Association Safety Certification program and are re-certified each year. Almost all crew members who run equipment have HEO certifications. The 12-member crew is made up of Alamo community members except for the Natural Resource Specialist and Woods Foreman. The ANSB Forestry Program has completed projects all across New Mexico and northeast Arizona in all types of forest sites including p/j, mixed conifer, salt cedar, Russian olive, and ponderosa. Because of the crew's experience and hard work, the Alamo Forestry program has a good reputation and is highly sought after by project managers because of the quality of their work. The program is comprised of several different aspects and they are as follows:

  1. ANSB has the capability to cut, skid, and deck logs. The crew is a hand crew with some mechanical thinning capabilities. ANSB has a skid steer that runs a shear and can cut up to a 14 inch tree. We also have a second skid steer equipped with a grapple to pile logs or boles to skid to a landing. The crew follows DxP (designation by prescription) protocol and has been trained in the new USFS GTR-310 protocol.
  2. ANSB has a small diameter woods program. We have a band mill that allows us to cut cants to be sold. We also have a Rapido Loco wood processor that can cut and split firewood. We sell firewood both in state and out of state.
  3. Some crew members have been trained to mark and cruze trees. The crew has marked a approximately two thousand acres of timber for timber sales both in New Mexico and Arizona. The crew has the capability to do timber stand exams.
  4. Alamo has a Commercial Pesticide Applicators License (#61782). Crews have treated several thousand acres in herbicide projects on lands managed by the USFS (Mills Canyon), NM State Land Office (Rio Grande Bosque project), Claunch Pinto SWCD, and Grant County SWCD. ANSB has treated Russian olive, salt cedar, elm, and tree of heaven using both using cut stump, foliar (spray), and basal treatments.

For information on the ANSB Forestry program, please contact Carl Livingston 575-854-2543 Ext. 1326.