Divisions ⇒ Facilities

The Facilities Division (Facilities) is BIA funded. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is the performance of day-to-day activities required to maintain Bureau-owned and/or maintained facilities.

Our Facilities division thrives to provide an environment that is comfortable, safe, secure, accessible, well illuminated, well ventilated, and aesthetically pleasing. The school consists of the physical structure and a variety of building systems such as mechanical, plumbing, electrical and power, telecommunications, security, and fire suppression systems. It additionally includes furnishings, materials and supplies, equipment and information technology, as well as various aspects of the building grounds, namely, athletic fields, playgrounds, and vehicular access and parking.

Our Alamo Facilities staff consist of: 4 day and night time Custodians; 3 day and night time Security; 1 Grounds Keeper; 1 Administration assistant/Housing clerk; 3 Maintenance techs (1 of which is an Assistant Foreman); 1 Foreman; and 1 Facilities Manager.

O&M responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • dealing with limited resources by identifying facilities priorities proactively rather than reactively
  • contributing to an organization's instructional effectiveness and financial well-being
  • improving the cleanliness, orderliness, and safety of an education organization's facilities
  • reducing the operational costs and life cycle cost of a building
  • extending the useful life of buildings

Our O&M responsibilities are not only limited to the school but extend to Community Services, Water Department, Transportation, and the Radio Station. Although much of our day to day operations revolve around resource management, it is ultimately about providing a clean and safe environment for staff, parents, and primarily the children.