Divisions ⇒ Community School

The Alamo Navajo Community School opened its door on October 1, 1979 as a K-8 school in four portable buildings. On December 15, 1980, the contract scope was amended making it a K-12 school with six additional trailers and 317 students. In 1982, planning, coordination, and construction for a permanent facility was begun, culminating in 54,000 square foot structure, which includes classrooms, labs, a library/media center, gymnasium, cafeteria, agriculture/greenhouse lab, and shops for industrial arts.

Today, the Alamo Navajo School Board operates a basic K-12 educational program as well as supplemental grants through Titles I, II, IV, Technology, and Special Education under funding from PL 100-297, Department of Education supplemental grants provide Title VII(Indian Education), Reading 1st (Department of Education) and 21st Century Community Learning CenterPrograms. The community spirit generated by the school facility and its programs has made the school and education a focal point for the community as a whole.