Community Service





Adult Basic Education


Workforce Investment Act Year Round Youth


Workforce Investment Act Section 166


Distance Learning


Native American Career and Technical Education Program


Youth Conservation Corps


New Mexico Coalition for Literacy






Division of Community Services

P.O. Box 907

Magdalena, NM 87825

(575) 854-2609 ext. 1400 (office)

(575) 854-2545 (fax)



Marlene T. Herrera, Division of Community Services Director

ext. 1403       


Susan Chisum, Alamo ABE Instructor

Ext. 1404       


Sherri Bennett, NACTEP Counselor

Ext. 1406       


Raymond Apachito, WIA Section 166 Case Manager

Ext. 1455       


Mary D. Apachito, Community Services Secretary

Ext. 1400       


Annabell Pino, NACTEP Case Manager

Ext. 1400       


Steve Apachito, NACTEP Classroom Monitoring

Ext. 1454       


Anderson Apachito, Community Services Data Entry Clerk

Ext. 1407       


Buddy Mexicano, ABE Assistant

Ext. 1400       


Juanita Secatero, part time Van Driver

Ext. 1400       


WIA Year Round Youth Case Manager – VACANT

Ext 1411